Thursday, January 14, 2010

Magickal Mini-Mystery

This is the second in a series of mini-mystery stories with magickal themes––see if you can solve it, just for fun.

The Librarian's Discovery

The library was moving to new quarters and her job was to pack up the old books in the west wing that no one ever read anymore. As she removed several moldy texts from the top shelf, she accidentally knocked an ancient leather-bound volume onto the floor. The book fell open to a page illustrated with a peculiar-looking diagram.

The librarian climbed down off her stool and picked up the book to examine it more closely. No title or author's name appeared on the cover or front matter; only a caption under a strange diagram identified it as "a map of the journey to the soul."

Intrigued, the she read on. "The journey to the soul is a winding route indeed, yet if you follow it faithfully you cannot become lost. Seven paths lead to the center, but all are one. The journey leads in and the journey leads out, yet you’ll only find the way in and the way back out by walking in circles. Turn left and right and left again, and you will reach your goal.

"Each path is governed by a celestial body; therefore the map of the journey to the soul is a map of the heavens. Each path resonates with a single note; therefore the map depicts the musical scale. Each path is aglow with a single color; therefore this map describes the visible spectrum. Each path is aligned with one of the body's energy centers; therefore the map shows the way to health and harmony."

QUESTION: What is the strange map?

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