Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Golden Cord

This sex magick spell combines your creative energy with a partner’s to attract prosperity.

Best times to perform this spell: During the full moon;
hen the sun or moon is in Taurus; on Thursdays

Ingredients or equipment needed: A gold-colored cord;
12 candles in rainbow colors;

candleholders; matches or a lighter

Acquire a gold-colored cord that’s as long as you are from the tips of your toes to the tips of your fingers when your arm is fully extended above your head. Arrange the candles in a circle around the space where you will perform this spell.

Enter the circle with your partner, bringing the golden cord with you. Light the candles, beginning in the east and continuing in a clockwise direction until all are burning. Make love, coordinating your activity so that one person reaches orgasm first.

As one person reaches orgasm, the other ties a few knots in the cord. When the second person comes, his/her partner ties a few knots. Throughout the entire experience, focus your minds on the objective: to attract money. Your intention and energy are tied into the knots.

When you’re finished, snuff out all the candles. Any time you need money,
open one of the knots and release the energy.

(Excerpted from Nice Spells/Naughty Spells, by Skye Alexander, published by Adams Media; copyrighted material.)

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